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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Re: [i18n-discuss] Online help (ru, uk, etc), search

Hi Marja,
Regarding how the locale files work, the source files you see in svn.code.sf.net are processed by a Perl script into the distributed locale files in the "common" directory. The process uses en.xml as the master file that must include all newly-added strings. At build time, any locale that does not have a given translated string is backfilled by the English string, and labeled lang="en". The presence of the string prevents error messages regarding missing strings in such locales. The assumption is that for most people it would be better to have English than nothing. When the strings are translated and checked into the locale source file, then that backfilling is not necessary.

The DocBook project relies on contributions from native speakers to keep the locale files up to date, but we don't currently have a proactive process to keep all 74 of them updated when new strings are added to English. If you are a non-English speaker and would like to contribute for your language, you can review your locale file in any distribution or snapshot (such as common/et.xml), search for all strings with lang="en", and submit a set of translations.

Bob Stayton
Sagehill Enterprises

On 12/14/2013 11:00 AM, Marja van Waes wrote:
On 14/12/13 19:43, Bob Stayton wrote:
Ping received, but I'm not sure what you are asking for.  8^)
The et.xml file has some translations, but not all strings are
It sounds like someone submitted some additional translations for
Estonian text, but they didn't get into the source base.  Can you send
them again?

Thanks :-D

Marek probably can.

Additionally, Yuri updated the Ukrainian uk.xml

and an updated ru.xml was sent to Morten Engelhardt Olsen, but I'll
attach it, just in case.

(I'm not sure, btw, that I understand how everything works, because if I
look at the file for my language
http://snapshots.docbook.org/xsl/common/nl.xml then I read at the top
that that isn't the correct one, but I should use

However, the last one doesn't contain the strings we miss in the
WebHelp, like "You must enter at least one character.", while the first
one does.


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