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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Fitting tall images in PDF

On 01/06/2014 11:58 AM, Bob Stayton wrote:
>> Really this should be a feature of the stock xslts though.
> Indeeed, Antenna House also supports it since version 6.  Any
> suggestions about how to fit this feature into the XSL? Here are some
> requirements that I see:
> 1.  It needs to support "scale-up-to-fit" values as well, and both
> values supported on either content-height or content-width.

I suppose so for completeness.

> 2.  I think we need to be able to specify it for an individual image as
> well as for the global default behavior if no other scaling is specified.

+1, this would be how I plan to use it.

> 3.  For an individual image, setting @contentwidth="scale-down-to-fit"
> in imagedata could work, since that attribute accepts CDATA (while
> @scalefit in DocBook 5 does not).  Same for contentdepth.  But what
> happens with this value in HTML output?

Ignore it? I think you'd need to use role="fo" v. role="html" to get
independent scaling. I never scale in html.

> 4.  The global setting should be controlled by a param for backwards
> compatibility, but should there be separate params for content-width and
> content-height?  I think so.

I guess, though common use case would be to set both at once. I can't
think of a case where you'd do scale-down-to-fit on one dimension but
not on the other, but perhaps someone needs it.

> 5.  For global fallback, we already have an empty $default.image.width
> param which could be set to either value.  We would have to add a
> $default.image.depth.


> Any other thoughts or requirements?

I'd be happy to test the changes in fop.


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