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Subject: [ann] oXygen XML Editor 15.2


I am happy to announce that a new version of oXygen XML Editor and Author are available from our website

Please find below highlights of the new additions directly related to DocBook. For the complete list of new features in oXygen XML Editor 15.2 please see the release notes at

*Edit Program Listings with Syntax Highlight Support*
The DocBook support was improved by providing an alternate CSS stylesheet called "Syntax highlight for program listings" that will present the content of a "programlisting" element in a syntax-highlight enabled text area control that looks at the "language" attribute to determine how the syntax should be highlighted.

*Intelligent Schema-aware Paste*
Another interesting addition is the improvement to the smart paste support that detects when invalid content is about to be inserted in the document and applies different recovery strategies to make the document valid. These strategies were enhanced with new ones that will look in near-by positions to determine a valid location for the pasted content.

*Content Completion Flexible Insert Location*
When you want insert DocBook elements using the content completion support (for example by pressing Enter) oXygen presents the valid elements at that position. Now it also shows, rendered with gray, the elements that are not valid at that position and you can select such an element. As that is not valid at the current position oXygen will try to find a place for that element, applying many recovery strategies, including searching near-by position to see if the element is accepted there. This allows flexibility as you do not need to position exactly at a location where the element is valid, the insertion will work also if you are close to that position.

*Support for the CALS "colsep" and "rowsep" Attributes*
Row and column separators are rendered in the Author mode and you can also easily control their values in the column specification.

*PDF Images Support*
*JPEG with Embedded CMYK Support*
oXygen can render these image types.

*Accessing Microsoft Office 365 Documents*
You can access documents stored on a SharePoint site from your Office
365 account using the "Open URL" action - this allows you also to browse
though resources.

Best Regards,
George Cristian Bina
<oXygen/> XML Editor, Schema Editor and XSLT Editor/Debugger

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