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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] "Edited by" label with multiple editors

Hi Bob, it look's like this change is still not good enough.

I was testing a document without an author (only editors) but once you insert an author in there then naturally the position of the first editor changes, and so no "Edited by" is inserted at all.

I'm not sure yet how to fix it.


On 13/02/2014 22:47, Bob Stayton wrote:
I'd say that's a bug. self::d:editor returns a single node, so in that context the position()=1 test is always true. I'll fix that in the source. Thanks for the report, and for providing the fix.

Bob Stayton
Sagehill Enterprises

On 2/13/2014 3:38 AM, Michael Cook wrote:
When processing a document with multiple editors the EPUB3 titlepage is
showing an "Edited by" label for each editor, rather than just the once.

I can fix the problem by updating xhtml/titlepage.xsl:210;

<xsl:if test="self::d:editor[position()=1] and not($editedby.enabled = 0)"


<xsl:if test="self::d:editor and position()=1 and not($editedby.enabled
= 0)">

Is this a bug or perhaps something wrong on my end?

I'm using the latest "docbook-xsl-ns-snapshot" and parsing with Nokogiri
(a RubyGEM), which itself uses libxml2.

Here's what's in the XML;

<book ...>

which with the current stylesheet becomes;

Edited by
Jon Smith

Edited by
Timmy Toe


Michael Cook

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