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Subject: Docbook to epub - Extra field length for first filename must be 0, but was ..


I'm generating epub from Docbook via Apache Ant and I'm getting the following error during the validation with Epubcheck.

     [java] Epubcheck Version 3.0ERROR: /home/vogella/workspace/docu/de.vogella.publishing/../output/epub/book.epub: Extra field length for first filename must be 0, but was 20

Any suggestion what might be causing the error.

I generate the epub via the following snippet (see below).

Thanks for any help, Lars

<target name="build-epub_eclipsercp" description="Generates EPUB files from DocBook XML">
<xslt style="${epub.stylesheet}" extension=".html" basedir="${output.dir}/tmp2" destdir="${output.dir}/tmp">
<include name="*80_Book_Eclipse_RCP*/*book.xml" />
<param name="epub.stylesheet" _expression_="style.css" />
<param name="html.stylesheet" _expression_="${stylesheet}" />
<param name="section.autolabel" _expression_="1" />
<param name="chapter.autolabel" _expression_="1" />
<param name="show.comments" _expression_="0" />
<param name="section.autolabel.max.depth" _expression_="1" />
<param name="toc.section.depth" _expression_="1" />
<param name="section.label.includes.component.label" _expression_="1" />
<param name="make.valid.html" _expression_="1" />
<param name="html.cleanup" _expression_="1" />
<param name="chunker.output.encoding" _expression_="UTF-8" />
<param name="ignore.image.scaling" _expression_="1" />
<outputproperty name="indent" value="yes" />
<classpath refid="saxon.class.path" />

<copy todir="${output.dir}/tmp/OEBPS">
<fileset dir="OEBPS">

<copy todir="${output.dir}/tmp/META-INF">
<fileset dir="META-INF">

<!-- Don't know how to avoid genereation of "${destfilename}.html" by Saxon -->
<delete file="${output.dir}/tmp/book.html" />

<echo message="Generating book.epub" level="info" />

<!-- We create temporary zips so that minetype is the first one in the final zip  -->
<zip destfile="${output.dir}/temp.mimetype" basedir="${output.dir}/tmp" compress="false" includes="mimetype" />
<zip destfile="${output.dir}/temp.zip" basedir="${output.dir}/tmp/" level="9" compress="true" excludes="mimetype" includes="OEBPS/** META-INF/**" />
<zip destfile="${output.dir}/book.epub" update="true" keepcompression="true" encoding="UTF-8" excludes="*.html">
<zipfileset src="" />
<zipfileset src="" />

<!-- Have to delete these directories would be nicer to place then in tmp output dir 
<delete dir="./OEBPS" />
<delete dir="./META-INF" />

<!-- Make sure the epubcheck lib has a subfolder lib with saxon.jar and jing.jar in it
<epub.check epub="book" />


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