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Subject: video embed in Docbook

Good morning,  

I'm using Docbook 5.1CR2 with the following mediaobject/videoobject tag

<videodata fileref="video/do-lectures.mp4" controls="controls">
multimediaparam name="type" value="video/mp4"/>
<imageobject role="poster">
<imagedata fileref="video/do-lectures.png"/>
<para>Craig Mod presenting at the Do Lecture in 2010</para>

Jing is flagging controls="controls" as not being a valid attribute to video object:

attribute "controls" not allowed here; expected attribute "align", "annotations", "arch", "audience", "condition", "conformance", "contentdepth", "contentwidth", "depth", "dir", "format", "os", "remap", "revision", "revisionflag", "role", "scale", "scalefit", "security", "userlevel", "valign", "vendor", "version", "width", "wordsize", "xml:base", "xml:id", "xml:lang" or "xreflabel" 

It is also flagging multimediaparam as being an invalid attribute for videodata

element "multimediaparam" not allowed anywhere; expected the element end-tag or element "info"

Did the format for videoobject inside media object change from what's posted in TDG for 5.1? If not where is the error? Controls should be a valid attribute as not all videos will want to autoplay? Is this a better question for the docbook list?


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