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Subject: XPointer resolution

We have a fully functional doc environment with DocBook 5 and oXygen XML Editor, and I am trying to set up the corresponding java commands for an automated build system. I have combed the DocBook XSL book for anything related to xincludes and xpointers, but I still do not get why it works from oXygen and not from the command line.

Error message: org.xml.sax.SAXParseException [...] Reason: XPointer resolution unsuccessful

I have the full command line shown in example  23.5 "XIncludes and XML catalogs with Saxon and Xerces" on page 376.

Saxon 6.5.5, Xerces 2.11.0, oXygen XML Editor 15.1, DocBook xsl 1.78.1 with customization layer and custom rng schema.

I use the basic xpointer attribute with fragment references to xml:id in the hrefed file. Because this is DB5, there is no schema in the DOCTYPE. But according to p46 in DocBook XML TCL, xml:id is already mapped to type ID and "you do not have to worry about fragment references failing due to lack of schema". After all it does work in the oXygen transformation, so why not on the command line with the same tools ?

Rewriting all xpointers to place this in separate files is not an option, as our source is highly modular and singlesourced with lots of reuse across documents.

Any advice, whether solutions or further reading, are welcome.

Bergfrid Skaara

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