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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Issues and questions when validating agains epubcheck4

Hi Carlos,
The epub3 stylesheets do honor the css.decoration parameter. Unfortunately, setting it to zero does not fix everything, because not all CSS styling is controlled by that param.

There is also the make.clean.html param, which was added later with the intent to remove most inline CSS, but it has not been fully implemented in all HTML templates. The goal is clean separation of CSS into a separate stylesheet, but it is not there yet.

Each new release of epubcheck seems to tighten the checking of CSS, so DocBook XSL has to adapt. In this case, epubcheck4 is in alpha stage, so it is a little early to be making those changes.

Regarding the usage of the style attribute, the epub3 guidelines for accessibility located here:


say to "Avoid using the style attribute", but it does not ban it. Does epubcheck4 flag such as a warning or an error?

Bob Stayton
Sagehill Enterprises

On 5/25/2014 11:02 AM, Carlos Araya wrote:
Good morning,

Questions first:

Does the epub3 stylesheets honor the css.decoration parameter?
if css.decoration is not honored is there a way to strip all inline styles that doesn’t involve global search and replace?
Is there a way to add titles to links?

Reason why I ask is that  when working with epubcheck4 it complains a lot about inline styles and accessibility (and inline styles make custom CSS harder).

When I look at the generated HTML I see the following examples of inline styles
Table border for block quotes and callout lists has a border attribute
TD elements inside the tables  have an inline  width style attribute
TD elements for blockquote attribution have an align attribute
It expects heading rows to have th elements instead of td, even in tables that are being used for layout
epubcheck also complains about links that have no text: The callout links on callout lists are images only.  I’m not 100% sure how that works as far as screen readers are concerned.

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