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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Redundant end tags been removed

Thanks Stefan,

When I put something between the ></script> it works, although obviously it gets copied to each instance.
However at the moment I'm happy to just getting it working.


On 23/07/2014 20:10, Stefan Knorr wrote:
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Hi Peter,

We had a similar problem here, we did not find a solution that fit us
too well (we're using DocBook 4, XHTML 1.1 & Saxon 6 or Xsltproc
[interchangeably]). Xsltproc always just worked, but Saxon was troubling.

Despite the tone, everything below is iirc, because I explored that
topic a year or so ago. Also, I make the assumption that you are using
XHTML & Saxon, too. Correct me if I am wrong about that.

| The trouble is that you are generating X[HT]ML, but browsers
| generally think they are being served HTML and you need to convince
| them otherwise.

* you could just continue to create your XHTML (you do use XHTML,
  right?) and make _sure_ your server serves it with the
  "application/xhtml+xml" MIME type; caveats:
  + not sure how to make that work locally
  + you might run into trouble on IE 7 or below (which generally
    likes to show source trees, I think)

* you could switch to HTML 4 or HTML 5 (no X!), in this case, the
  DocBook stylesheets should take care of correctly setting the
  saxon:output tag

* if you're using Saxon, take a look at the saxon:output tag and the
  HTML mode it supports; caveat:
  + finicky, especially when you want to support both Saxon and
    another processor

* the quick (and error-prone) solution would be to add something in
  between the start and end tag of the script, such as an XML comment
  (NB: you would have to do this for other tags that require such
  behaviour, too, e.g. <link>)

Ultimately, I too would still be interested in how to properly solve


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