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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Multiple named references to a single <refentry> page?

One suggestion is to put xml:id attributes on the multiple refname elements, and use xref to refer to each of them.

Bob Stayton
Sagehill Enterprises

On 7/24/2014 1:27 AM, Jon Leech wrote:
The GL man pages I maintain have a number of pages that describe several
closely-related commands, e.g.
which describes the commands glEnable, glDisable, glEnablei, and
glDisablei. We'd like
to be able to refer to this page by any of these names from other pages,

"The commands
may be
used to enable and disable blending."

However, a page has only one <refentrytitle> and <citerefentry> doesn't
know anything
about the others, so doing this just results in a bogus link to
in the generated output (see

Is there an alternate way to refer to the same <refentry> by multiple
names, e.g.
by the multiple <refname> tags which are allowed?


     Jon Leech

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