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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Fwd: Thanks!

Hi Mary,

I'd be interested in your solutions to your webhelp issues. I've currently got webhelp in beta, with HTML and PDF in production. I've come across a number of webhelp issues and I'm not happy with this format yet.


> On 5/09/2014, at 1:35 pm, Mary Tabasko <tabasko@telerama.com> wrote:
> Hi, gang.
> I just joined this list, and I wanted to start off by offering
> a HUGE thanks to everyone who maintains the DocBook Stylesheets
> and the related resources.
> (I accidentally sent this message to the docbook list; this is a resend
> to the right address.)
> We have been using them where I work for years, and we would
> not be able to do the things we've done without them! Over the
> years, I've been asked to do some things that I was not sure would
> be possible, but the stylesheets have provided a terrific basis for
> a bunch of crazy things.
> So thanks!
> We are just finishing up a project to move some large documents
> we produced as Microsoft Help (CHM) output to the Webhelp format.
> We've been trying to replace MSHelp (the compiler is getting harder
> and harder to keep running), but were having no luck finding a suitable
> replacement, until we stumbled on the Webhelp transforms.
> We did run into some non-trivial issues and ended up doing a fair
> amount of work to get what we wanted, but we got very close
> to our wishlist, and it wouldn't have been possible without the
> Webhelp transforms. So thanks again.
> I didn't want to dump a long list of the issues we had and
> how we dealt with them, but if anyone is interested, I'd be
> happy to describe them (and send a screen shot of what we
> ended up with). Some of it might be useful or informative
> in relation to a few of the bug/issue reports I've seen on them,
> but I don't want to offer unsolicited input.
> Thanks again! You guys rock!
> -- Mary Tabasko
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