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Subject: RE: [docbook-apps] Fwd: Thanks!

Frank Wegmann said:

> our documentation sets often consist of many "modules"
> resulting in as many DocBook files (and as many PDF files), but to
> produce a single WebHelp for all of them it seems the only way is
> to wrap all DocBook files into a single <set>. Is that correct?
> Because I feel this is not really an option, since some sets
> comprise several thousand pages and we might run into serious
> performance trouble.

That's exactly what we did. We have several "book"-level documents,
from which we generate individual PDFs, and for the Webhelp (and for
the MSHelp before it), we simply had a "set"-level document that
included the "book"-level documents. For the product for which we
did this, there were three PDFs, with page counts of (rounding up) 700, 800,
and 40 (just 40) pages. These were wrapped into one "set" for one
of our Webhelp "documents". I was able to keep the processing of this
helpset (HTML and indexing) to about 2 minutes, though we are NOT profiling.

Just for grins, I may try running one of our "monster" docs (we have a
couple that are over 2000 pages as PDF) through it, but we have no
plans to provide those as HTML, so I haven't bothered yet.

> (And, Mary, yes, I'm quite obviously interested in your WebHelp
> experiences as well...)

I'm amazed at the level of interest!

I will put together my notes -- is it OK to send a PNG (screenshot)
to this list, so you can see what it looks like??

-- Mary Tabasko

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