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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Re: Thanks!

Varga, Károly <karoly.varga@balabit.com> said:

> There's a side issue with the webhelp-fast.xls: [...]
> I'm quite curious to see how Mary dealt with this problem, as it
> would be better to solve this in customization.

I did not know about the "webhelp-fast.xsl" customization until
yesterday, so my approach is totally different, and I have not tried
the webhelp-fast approach. Mine is all in the HTML; there is no
Javascript beyond what is in the original stylesheets. As far as I
can tell, my solution is structurally equivalent to what you get with the
original stylesheets -- I just did it differently to avoid regenerating the
TOC for every chunked page. (It is included in every page, but it's not
regenerated for every page.)

I will post my customizations in the next day or so. I need to strip about
a bunch of irrelevant stuff and some "corporate" stuff, to make them more
generic. All the webhelp stuff will be there, though.

-- Mary

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