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Subject: Problems customizing WebHelp and HTML output

Still relatively new to DocBook.

In the doc set that I inherited, there are XSL files marked for FO (PDF), HTML, and WebHelp. Our doc build uses the Maven docbkx plugin to generate our documents.

I've been able use information from the DocBook XSL reference to make changes to the FO file and see the results in the PDF output. These changes include:

- Removing table and figure numbers
- Removing the lists of tables and figures
- Updating the cross-reference text to remove "the section called"

However, any changes I make in the HTML or WebHelp XSL files seem to be ignored. I've been able to update the CSS file to make changes to the look and feel of the output, but not any changes to the basic transformation.

For example, I added this chunk to the FO stylesheet to handle removing the table and figure numbers and updating the cross-reference text:

<!-- Eliminates the table and figure numbers. Also gets rid of "the section called" in cross-references -->
  <xsl:param name="local.l10n.xml" select="document('')"/>
  <l:i18n xmlns:l="http://docbook.sourceforge.net/xmlns/l10n/1.0">
    <l:l10n language="en">
      <l:context name="xref"> 
        <l:template name="appendix" text="%t"/> 
        <l:template name="chapter" text="%t"/> 
        <l:template name="section" text="%t"/> 
      <l:context name="title">
        <l:template name="table" text="%t"/>
      <l:context name="xref-number-and-title">
        <l:template name="table" text="&#8220;%t&#8221;"/>
      <l:context name="title">
        <l:template name="figure" text="%t"/>
      <l:context name="xref-number-and-title">
        <l:template name="figure" text="&#8220;%t&#8221;"/>

  <xsl:template match="table" mode="label.markup"/>
  <xsl:template match="figure" mode="label.markup"/> 
  <xsl:template match="appendix" mode="label.markup"/>
  <xsl:template match="chapter" mode="label.markup"/>
  <xsl:template match="section" mode="label.markup"/>

However, adding the same chunk to the WebHelp XSL file has no effect on the WebHelp output.

As another example, our HTML output still has section numbers. I added the following to the HTML stylesheet:

<xsl:param name="section.autolabel" select="0"/>

But that had no effect either - the section numbers were still there.

Am I missing something? Is there a difference in the transformation configuration for online output vs. PDF output?



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