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Subject: Re: [docbook] To Namespace or Not To Namespace

On 10/3/2014 10:21, Steve Cuzner wrote:
I’m investigating porting our 4.x docbook to 5.x. For our custom
elements, I’m considering adding them to our own namespace so that it is
more obvious which elements are docbook and which are custom to our
extension. While technically not necessary given that any customizations
makes it not DocBook, what are the pros and cons of namespacing our own
extension elements?

Namespacing means you avoid conflicts with any future DocBook versions.

As for the cons of not namespacing, I can't think of any other than the extra typing it requires. Aren't all XML parsers worth talking about namespace aware now?

That rhetorical sweep includes old versions of modern parsers that are still available in "stable" OSes like RHEL and Debian. MSXML -- made by the company that never met a standard they didn't want to wreck -- has supported namespaces going back to the XP days, a dozen years ago at least.

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