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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Multiple Languages in one DocBook Document


I encountered this problem years ago when I began to use docbook. (see
at http://www.yojik.eu/  (not a commercial website, just my bare
personnal website without any ad)). I did and do many formating of
languages learning books (mostly English.Russian) , documents and the
formating with fop is always wrong (wrong Hyphneation, wrong
ponctuatuion rules ,etc ..)(only simple multilanguage documents could be
achieved properly with fop).

One way for me to solve the problem is to use DBlatex to convert the
document to Latex (XeTeX).

DBlatex needs some customization work, but the result is excellent.

Maybe more work on a LaTeX backend would be interesting (docbook5
processing for example)

Best regards


Le 14/10/2014 21:16, Thomas Schraitle a écrit :
> Hi Bob,
> Am Dienstag, 14. Oktober 2014, 08:35:44 schrieb Bob Stayton:
>> While there is code in the HTML stylesheets to handle @lang down the
>> element level, no such code was ever added to the fo stylesheets.  The
>> lang attribute and writing-mode are only used at the document level in fo.
> Thanks for confirming my observation. :)
>> At this point I would consider this to be a bug, so please go ahead and
>> file a bug report on the DocBook SourceForge site.  I don't see an easy
>> fix for it, though, because a lot of templates for elements will have to
>> be modified.
> Find my bug report here: https://sourceforge.net/p/docbook/bugs/1345/
> It would be nice if we could fix that. I could easily change the para 
> template. However, as you've indicated, it would be much more work for other 
> elements to correct it.
> Thanks for your answer! :-)

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