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Subject: Latex2MML translation


After a request on the docbook list[1] I created a tool that translates
<mathphrase role='latex'> to <mml:math> using snuggletex.

It is a kind of "preprocessor".

The attached file contains 4 files :

latex2mml/latex2mml.py  - converts latex to mml
latex2mml/prepro.py     - exchanges mathprhase role='latex' to mml:math
latex2mml/test.xml      - example file
latex2mml/Makefile      - make gets tools and builds test.mml.html

just unpack and make

tar xv latex2mml.tar.gz
cd latex2mml
firefox test.mml.html

The specific latex was taken randomly from
and it does not render [0/0]//H correctly due to limitations
in the latex2mml translation.

This error is written to stderr while converting.

If you are aware of a better translating tool let me know.
This was just the first tool I came across that did the job.


Fredrik Unger

[1] https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/docbook/201501/msg00041.html

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