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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] PDF Index Sidebar

I think you mean you see the TOC in the Bookmarks window pane in a PDF browser such as Adobe Reader.

Putting the complete index there could be done, but it would not be easy. The TOC follows the structure of the document, so that list can be generated by processing the whole document in mode='fop1.outline' in document-order and generating fo:bookmark elements as you go.

The indexterms are scattered throughout the source document, and the code that assembles them into a sorted hierarchical index is some of the most complex XSL in the DocBook stylesheet.

You would need to copy most of the templates in fo/autoidx.xsl into a customization layer, and change it to generate fo:bookmark elements instead of fo:block elements. I don't think bookmarks could generate page numbers, so you would have to substitute some other kind of marker in place of fo:page-number-citation in that code.

Bob Stayton
Sagehill Enterprises

On 1/30/2015 7:40 AM, Joydeep Chakrabarty wrote:

I could see TOC in left sidebar in PDF file using --stringparam
fop1.extensions 1. I was wondering is it possible to see my indexes there
in the sidebar?
Any suggestions?


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