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Subject: Solved [was Problem customizing appendix title (for PDF)]

On 09/03/15 18:08, Erik Leunissen wrote:
On 08/03/15 22:29, Erik Leunissen wrote:
So the text "Bijlage" is to be prepended to the appendix number.

Such prepended text doesn't even I show up in my output if I apply just
the stock stylesheets without any customization at all.

Am I right that prepending text, like "Appendix" to the appendix nr. is
the default behaviour? (That's what I deduce from:

Yes it is, but:

it is not for appendices inside articles, which have a special setting by default, to show no prepended text. See common/en.xml:

<l:context name="title-numbered">
<l:template name="appendix" text="Appendix %n. %t"/>
<l:template name="article/appendix" text="%n. %t"/>      <== ***
<!-- skipped some entries -->

This also leads the way to the correct customization for my case:

<l:template name="article/appendix" text="Bijlage %n. %t"/>



   http://www.sagehill.net/docbookxsl/CustomGentext.html )

Could somebody please verify that?

If so, this issue is not related to customization.

Another reason to suggest this is that I manage perfectly well to
customize the label of section titles (using the i18n or i10n
customizations as shown before), but not appendix titles.



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