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Subject: A docbook-xsl parameter "bridgehead.renderas"


As it happens, I find myself repeatedly in the situation where I want to use bridgeheads.

In all of these cases I want all bridgeheads throughout the document to be rendered in the same way; as a section at a specific level (e.g. sect5). [*]

The facility to customize this is the renderas attribute to the bridgehead element.

In my use case, it strikes me as inapt to have to adjust that attribute in ever the same way for each instance of a bridgehead in the document. It seems logical/practical to have a docbook-xsl parameter (e.g. "bridgehead.renderas") which handles this at at the document level.

The docbook-xsl stylesheets do not currently provide such a facility. Well, I guess that amounts to a Feature Request ...

Anything wrong with this idea?


Erik Leunissen.

[*] I'm producing PDF output using docbook-xsl - xsltproc - fop

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