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Subject: WebHelp display issues - contents expand/collapse icons, intra-topic links

I've run into a couple of minor issues with how the DocBook WebHelp is displayed. Has anyone else seen either of these, or have any fixes?

Expand/collapse icons in the contents become out of sync

If you display the WebHelp, expand and collapse nodes in the table of contents, go to another page, then return to the WebHelp, the expand/collapse icons can get out of sync with the expand/collapse status of the nodes. You can see the issue in the attached image.

Links within a topic do not jump to the target

I have a WebHelp topic that contains a link to a target ID (on a bridgehead) within that topic. When the topic displays, the link is visible, but the target is further down and so not immediately visible. When you click the link, it does not jump to the target. However, if you right click and open the link in a new tab, it opens to the correct location. I've tried using both xref and link, and get the same results.



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