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Subject: Using imageobject twice on title page fails (FO)

Hi group.
I want to display an image (mediaobject) twice on my book titlepages, first on the recto page and second on the following verso page.
I made a simple extension to the “titlepage.templates.xml” file as proposed by Bob. Here is an XML snippet:
<t:titlepage-content t:side="recto">
                  t:predicate="[position() = 1]"/>
<t:titlepage-content t:side="verso">
                  t:predicate="[position() = 1]" />
When I do this with other elements (i.e. <author>), everything is fine. But if I do this with an image, the FOP complains about a previously used ID:
“javax.xml.transform.TransformerException: org.apache.fop.fo.ValidationException: Property ID "N4000E" (found on "fo:block") previously used; ID values must be unique within a document!”
I checked the FO-Output and indeed found the image block twice with the same ID (“N4000E”). For the other elements there is no problem, because they don’t get an ID (i.e. author).
Question: How can I reuse my image more than once on the recto/verso title page.
I could insert a second imageobject (same file) and fetch it with t:predicate="[position() = 2]” as a work around. But somehow I want to keep my code easy and clean.
Can anyone help? Thanks.

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