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Subject: Spurious (?) spaces after/before titles in chunked HTML prev/next navigation bar


Someone noticed that in the chunked html output, there are spaces
after the title that is the previous link and before the title
that is the next link in the navfooter.

This seems to be a consequence of the (deliberate) insertion
of a non-breaking space character in the stylesheets.

See <xsl:template name="footer.navigation"/> in html/chunk-common.xsl
in docbook-xsl-ns-1.78.1.

The block <xsl:if test="$row2"/> does this, before or after the
insertion of the titles (call to <xsl:apply-templates select="$prev"

Since the entire template is riddled with insertions of &#160;, there
is presumably a good reason, and I am reluctant to mess with this
(e.g., just remove the <xsl:text>&#160;</xsl:text> before/after
the object.title.markup (or indeed after/before the prev and next in
row 1), without knowing why.


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