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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Visual DocBook editors


On 23/05/2015 19:08, maxwell wrote:
On 5/23/2015 6:18 AM, Dew, Simon wrote:
The free (GPL) version of Serna 4.4 is still available:

I believe there's also a free older version of XMLMind available (www.xmlmind.com). I don't find any reference to it on their website, but there's some info on getting it here:

That's the last "free" version, XML Mind Personal. You'd have to check the licensing though. I use this for my own personal documentation. It doesn't support conversions to HTML/PDF though, that's paid.

XLingPaper is an alternative XML schema to DocBook, designed for linguists. But the editor itself is the XMLmind XML editor, XXE for short.

It's also possible to download a temporary evaluation copy of the current version of XXE, but that presumably is not what you want.

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