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Subject: [ANN] DAPS 2.0 released


after more than two years of development, 15 pre-releases and more than
2000 commits we proudly present release 2.0 of the DocBook Authoring
and Publishing Suite, in short DAPS 2.0.

DAPS lets you publish your DocBook 4 or Docbook 5 XML sources in
various output formats such as HTML, PDF, EPUB, man pages or ASCII with
a single command. It is perfectly suited for large documentation
projects by providing profiling support and packaging tools.

DAPS supports authors by providing linkchecker, validator,
spellchecker, and editor macros. DAPS exclusively runs on Linux.

Download & Installation

For download and installation instructions refer to
Highlights of the DAPS 2.0 release include:

* fully supports DocBook 5 (production ready)
* daps_autobuild for automatically building and releasing books from
  different sources
* support for EPUB 3 and Amazon .mobi format
* default HTML output is XHTML, also supports HTML5
* now supports XSLT processor Saxon6 (in addition to xsltproc)
* improved "scriptability"
* properly handles CSS, JavaScript and images for HTML and EPUB
  builds (via a "static/" directory in the respective stylesheet folder)
* added support for JPG images supports all DocBook profiling
* attributes
* improved performance by only loading makefiles that are needed for
  the given subcommand
* added a comprehensive test suite to ensure better code quality when
* tested on Debian Wheezy, Fedora 20/21 openSUSE 13.x, SLE 12, and
  Ubuntu 14.10.

  Please note that this DAPS release does not support Webhelp. It is
  planned to re-add Webhelp support with DAPS 2.1.

For a complete Changelog refer to


If you have got questions regarding DAPS, please use the discussion
forum at https://sourceforge.net/p/daps/discussion/General/.  We will
do our best to help.

Bug Reports

To report bugs or file enhancement issues, use the issue tracker at

The DAPS Project

DAPS is developed by the SUSE Linux documentation team and used to
generate the product documentation for all SUSE Linux products.
However, it is not exclusively tailored for SUSE documentation, but
supports every documentation written in DocBook.

DAPS has been tested on Debian Wheezy, Fedora 20/21 openSUSE 13.x,
SLE 12, and Ubuntu 14.10.

The DAPS project moved from SourceForge to GitHub and is now available
at https://opensuse.github.io/daps/

Have fun! :)

    Thomas Schraitle

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