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Subject: Paragraphs within list item jutting into page footer

I had asked about this issue earlier, and thought I had found a solution, but unfortunately it's not working reliably.

On occasion, PDF pages do not break correctly within a list item. If the list item contains more than one paragraph, then the paragraphs can bleed into the page footer.

I had come across the dbfo-need option, which sometimes works, but not always.

The attached image shows an example of this happening.

Here is the source DocBook XML for the same excerpt.

                        <para>To use a column to add a new field to the source data, in the dropdown
                            list field, type the name of the new field, then press
                                    <imagedata scale="100"
                                    <phrase>Entering a new source field name for a CSV
                        <para>For information on restrictions on field names, see <xref
                        <para>For these new fields, Sqrrl infers the data type based on the values
                            in the file.</para>
                        <?dbfo-need height="2in" ?>
                        <para>These new fields are not added to the source definition.</para>
                        <para>To remove a column from the list, click its delete icon.</para>

So while I have the dbfo-need option set for the paragraph, it's still not causing the page to break.

Any ideas to get this to work reliably?



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