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Subject: RE: [docbook-apps] Show off what you've done with Docbook

On Sat, 12 Sep 2015, Warren Block wrote:

We use DocBook for all of our books and articles on FreeBSD. Please feel free to check out the docs section in my previous message. Our doc group is small but we welcome the chance to share and learn from others. We have an open mailing list (no subscription required) at freebsd-doc@FreeBSD.org, and #bsddocs on EFnet on IRC.

For that matter, I'll be at the Open Help conference coming up at the end of the month in Cincinnati: https://conf.openhelp.cc/

Sorry, got distracted before adding that if anyone wants to meet up during that conference, it would be great to talk about docs, DocBook, AsciiDoc, and other tools. The conference itself is well worth attending for anyone who writes documentation, and is over the weekend. I'll also be there for the first day of the sprints on Monday, when there will likely be more one-on-one time available.

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