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Subject: RE: [docbook-apps] Show off what you've done with Docbook

On 2015-09-13 Warren Block wrote:
> On Sun, 13 Sep 2015, Gerard Nicol wrote:
> > Does anybody sell a commercial Docbook customization layer? 
> I don't know of any, but would be interested.  Maybe there is a place
> with downloadable DocBook "themes", or maybe it is time for that.

There are two problems here:
(1) Outputs should usually meet corporate identity (you cannot just pick a
stock theme)
(2) Majority of end-users use just subset of elements (and there is no point
in styling the rest)

I implemented 6 complex customizations in the past (each consisting of 3+
formats, usually PDF, WebHelp, CHM). Two of them are retired now. They could
be shared after removing sensitive info, but two aforementioned problems
make me quite skeptic of their usefulness for someone else...


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