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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Chunking options for HTML output

Hi Frank,

Am Freitag, 6. November 2015, 16:59:32 schrieb Frank Arensmeier:
> I am wondering. DITA has the attribute "chunk" that gives the user some
> control about how a topic/section is treated when it comes to output
> chunking. Setting that attribute to "to-content", the topic (including its
> children) is "… rendered as a single chunk of content". Is there something
> similar in DocBook?

I'm not aware of anything similar. DocBook has no attribute that is targetted 
for this purpose.

However, you could (ab?)use some common attributes (maybe condition?) and 
customize the chunking template. Haven't tried it yet.

A possible easier solution would be to use the <?dbhtml?> processing 
instruction. It's explained in the link below.

> I know that I can control the chunking level – but
> that’s a different story. I need a more fine-grain control for the chunking
> mechanism. Could this be achieved in a customisation? Which "key"
> stylesheets in DocBook XSLT would be promising candidates to look at?

Would the following link fit your needs?


  Thomas Schraitle

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