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Subject: embedding fonts in epub? (and docbook for publishers -- hurrah!)

I'm at the final stages of making an epub file, and I was wondering if  there's an easy way to declare a font file for embedding.

I generally am fine with manually moving over assets into the output folder. But apparently a reference appears in the opf manifest file.

To add the reference you need to declare the location in the css (check!) and declare it in the OPF manifest (oops!)

See http://ebooks.stackexchange.com/questions/1037/can-i-make-custom-fonts-show-up-in-ibooks

When the epub stylesheets were written, support for embedding fonts was practically nonexistent, but now I think all the major platforms support font-embedding.

(By the way, a great reference on all aspects of using embedded fonts in ebooks is here: https://www.bisg.org/publications/field-guide-fonts-ebooks )

Perhaps -- if it's not already done, this could be handled as a parameter. I'll be happy to write up a feature request.

Wow, the most recent stylesheets  have been written to support Docbook for Publishers... That's a big deal for me and greatly appreciated. (I just learned this .... 5 minutes ago!) Too bad, because it would have helped with my current ebook (whose deadline is rapidly approaching). But I have several other ebooks to try it out on over the next few months. In 2013 I used Docbook to produce a dramatic text... and some of those elements could have come in handy at the time......

Robert Nagle
3000 Greenridge Dr #2204, Houston TX 77057-6037  
(Cell) 832-251-7522   Carbon Neutral Since Jan 2010

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