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Subject: Madcap Flare to Docbook conversion

Hi List!

I am wondering, does anyone have any experience with transforming Madcap Flare to Docbook? I mean not within Flare – rather a transformation that takes a Madcap flare Toc file as input. The only reference I could find to Madcap on this list was a short conversation from 2006 (http://markmail.org/search/?q=madcap+flare&q=list%3Aorg.oasis-open.lists.docbook#query:madcap%20flare%20list%3Aorg.oasis-open.lists.docbook+page:1+mid:a5szwhwjtaaeoo6j+state:results). The interview referenced there seems not available anymore.

Any ideas?


Frank Arensmeier

Paligo - The truly user-friendly CMS for technical documentation

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