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Subject: Recommended docbook element for a "Problems section"

Hi all,

I'm in the process of writing an educational textbook. The textbook is a docbook book, containing several chapters. Each chapter contains several sections with "explained content", a "Problems section" and a bibliography. Like the sections, the "Problems section" and the bibliography occur at the same level just below a chapter.

(B.t.w. the word "section" in "Problems section" is just a matter of speak, not meant to be a docbook element, not yet anyway)

Sample document structure:

Table of contents
Chapter 1
  1.1 First section
  1.2 Second section
  1.3 Third section

Chapter 2


My question relates to the "Problems" section in each chapter. Like the bibliography it must not have a label, but must occur in the table of contents.

I've been looking for a docbook element for such a "Problems section", and I have difficulty finding an appropriate one: - I can't make it a docbook section because these are processed to display a label. - a Q&A set seems inappropriate since there are only questions (which are not "Frequently asked" anyway; and answers are not supposed to be provided in the same structural element) - I've been thinking about using a section element with a dedicated role attribute, that triggers customized processing, but that's just a wild idea for now.

In case it matters: my processing toolchain is:
  docbook5 XML | xsltproc | fop | pdf

I'd appreciate very much any suggestions,

Erik Leunissen.

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