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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Set Index

Hi Emily
If you place the <indexterm><primary>defaultComposition<primary><indexterm> in the docbook xml file User Guide it will generate an index similiar to what like the following:

defaultComposition, User Guide

This will require searching through the text for the specific point at which to insert the <indexterm/>.
Beware of white space - especially in long paragraphs.
I usually place the indexterms exactly where they will be placed.
However, if there are several to added to a paragraph - for ease of reading I place them at the start of the paragraph - moving them into place in one of the final checks.
Happy indexing!

On Wed, Feb 17, 2016 at 9:37 AM, Forsyth, Emily B. <emily.forsyth@swri.org> wrote:
Not sure if this is the correct list, but I’ve tried another one I thought I had subscribed to.
In process of converting our word documents into docbooks.  I’m very new at this and been printing information and going through documentation on the website. 
I have 5 different documents that converting.  Each one will be their own book.  I know how to create the index for each book.
However, I will be combining them into a set so that it will be easier for our members to have one large set of books instead of 5 different books. 
I can create the set index and it shows, but my question is:
How do I get each indexed item to reflect the book it is in.
The Set Index shows the following:
Set Index:
defaultComposition, 3
Fluid Network, 11
FluidPorts, 2
Unique variable attributes,3
There are 2 different books, but I don’t know which book the index item points to and that is what we are trying to get to.  For example, I would like for the indexed item defaultComposition to show User Guide and maybe the FluidPorts to show the Thermo Guide.

Is there a way?
Thanks much for your help.
Thank you,
Emily Forsyth
Fluids & Machinery Engineering Department
Propulsion & Energy Machinery
Southwest Research Institute

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