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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Set Index

Hi Emily,
First, the stylesheet parameter 'index.links.to.section' applies to the HTML stylesheet, not the PDF stylesheet. And stylesheet parameters are set in a stylesheet customization file, not in the document itself.

It sounds like what you want is to add a prefix to each page number in the setindex to indicate which book it is in. As you say, some index entries may appear in both books, so the designation would have to be associated with the page number, not the indexterm.

DocBook XSL does not yet have a feature to generate such a prefix, but it is possible to write an XSL customization for it. If you are new to DocBook and XSL, then that would be challenging because the index templates are among the most complex templates in the stylesheet.

I could help with some of the specifics, but if you are going to get into customization I would suggest you learn a bit about it so you can set it up properly. You might start with this description of DocBook customization:


Do you know what the index would look like with the book designations? Using the book title seems a bit long for a prefix on every page number.

Bob Stayton
Sagehill Enterprises

On 2/17/2016 10:04 AM, Forsyth, Emily B. wrote:
I appreciate your help, but I’m so new at this and fumbling my way
through that I don’t know where to put these commands you have provided
me.  I tried in the Thermo Guide at the beginning.  This is what I have:




         <imagedata fileref="Logo/NPSSLogo.jpg"/>



     <title><trademark class="registered">NPSS</trademark> Fluid Network





     <param name="index.links.to.section" select="1"/>

Not sure where to put the endtag.  Seems no matter where I locate it I
get an error message.  Will this work for PDF documents?

/Thank you,/


/Emily Forsyth/

/Fluids & Machinery Engineering Department /

/Propulsion & Energy Machinery/

/Southwest Research Institute/

/Tel:  210.522.2045/

/Email:/_emily.forsyth@swri.org <mailto:emily.forsyth@swri.org>_

*From:*Pc Thoms [mailto:pcthoms@gmail.com]
*Sent:* Wednesday, February 17, 2016 11:54 AM
*To:* Forsyth, Emily B.
*Subject:* Re: [docbook-apps] Set Index

Hi Emily

Please send you comments to the


as well.

Have you changed the setting to the parameter?



On Wed, Feb 17, 2016 at 1:55 PM, Forsyth, Emily B.
<emily.forsyth@swri.org <mailto:emily.forsyth@swri.org>> wrote:

I can get the index in the book.

My problem is I have a series of books that we are combining into a set
so they all print together and our members only gets one file with all
the documentation.  I have the indexterms in each of the books, but when
I go into the set and have the books combined, this is what I get:

This is the Bookmarks for my PDF File:

1^st Page – Combined Guides

2^nd Page – Table of Contents (which is a TOC for the entire set, lists
both books and their sections and page numbers)

Then I get the 1^st Book which is the User Guide and within that it has
all the sections and subsections along with the Index for that Guide

Next,  I get the Thermo Guide and within that it has all the sections
and subsections along with the Index for that Guide

Last, I get the Set Index for both the guides and it lists all the items
in the combined indices, but does not list the book they may be in.  If
we have a member that doesn’t know which book an index item may be in,
we want him to be able to go to the Set Index and click on the Item and
know which book he is going to.  Some of the items may cross both books
and he may just want the one in a certain book

Does that make sense what I said?

/Thank you,/


/Emily Forsyth/

/Fluids & Machinery Engineering Department /

/Propulsion & Energy Machinery/

/Southwest Research Institute/

/Tel: 210.522.2045 <tel:210.522.2045>/

/Email:/_emily.forsyth@swri.org <mailto:emily.forsyth@swri.org>_

*From:*Pc Thoms [mailto:pcthoms@gmail.com <mailto:pcthoms@gmail.com>]
*Sent:* Wednesday, February 17, 2016 11:15 AM
*To:* Forsyth, Emily B.; docbook-apps@lists.oasis-open.org
*Subject:* Re: [docbook-apps] Set Index

Hi Emily

If you place the
<indexterm><primary>defaultComposition<primary><indexterm> in the
docbook xml file User Guide it will generate an index similiar to what
like the following:

defaultComposition, User Guide

This will require searching through the text for the specific point at
which to insert the <indexterm/>.

Beware of white space - especially in long paragraphs.

I usually place the indexterms exactly where they will be placed.

However, if there are several to added to a paragraph - for ease of
reading I place them at the start of the paragraph - moving them into
place in one of the final checks.

Happy indexing!

On Wed, Feb 17, 2016 at 9:37 AM, Forsyth, Emily B.
<emily.forsyth@swri.org <mailto:emily.forsyth@swri.org>> wrote:

Not sure if this is the correct list, but I’ve tried another one I
thought I had subscribed to.

In process of converting our word documents into docbooks.  I’m very new
at this and been printing information and going through documentation on
the website.


I have 5 different documents that converting.  Each one will be their
own book.  I know how to create the index for each book.

However, I will be combining them into a set so that it will be easier
for our members to have one large set of books instead of 5 different

I can create the set index and it shows, but my question is:

How do I get each indexed item to reflect the book it is in.

The Set Index shows the following:

Set Index:


defaultComposition, 3


Fluid Network, 11

FluidPorts, 2


Unique variable attributes,3

There are 2 different books, but I don’t know which book the index item
points to and that is what we are trying to get to.  For example, I
would like for the indexed item defaultComposition to show User Guide
and maybe the FluidPorts to show the Thermo Guide.

Is there a way?

Thanks much for your help.

/Thank you,/

/Emily Forsyth/

/Fluids & Machinery Engineering Department /

/Propulsion & Energy Machinery/

/Southwest Research Institute/

/Tel: 210.522.2045 <tel:210.522.2045>/

/Email:/emily.forsyth@swri.org <mailto:emily.forsyth@swri.org>

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