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Subject: PHP processing instructions


I'm using the 1.79.1 onechunk.xsl transformation style sheets with PHP
processing instructions. If I use the HTML onechunk.xsl file in my
customization level, a "?" is required immediately before the closing
processing instruction tag. For example:

<xsl:processing-instruction name="php">
//PHP code here

This produces the correct opening and closing PHP tags. (<?php ... ?>)

If I use the _XHTML_ onechunk.xsl file and a terminating "?" the
output is as follows:

//PHP code

Note the duplicate "?". Is this expected?



Peter Lavin
Telephone:      1 416 461 4991
Mobile:            1 416 882 9194
Skype:             peter.lavin
(GMT -05:00 Canada/US Eastern)

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