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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] DocBook Publisher - stagedir

Thanks Radu
Yes these elements have not been incorporated as I expected they would be.
The early xml examples for DocBook Publisher do include <stagedir/> and <inlinestagedir/>.
For the present I'll add a custom xslt.

On Tue, Jul 12, 2016 at 10:35 AM, Radu Coravu <radu_coravu@sync.ro> wrote:
Hi Paul,

I opened in Oxygen the RNG schema:


but it has no mention of "stagedir" or "inlinestagedir" inside it.

It seems at some point (3 years ago) Scott Hudson accepted these new elements for Publisher 1.1:


Issue does not seem to be closed though.
And the only RNG for publishers 1.1 that I could find here:


again does not seem to have those elements included.


Radu Coravu
<oXygen/>  XML Editor, Schema Editor and XSLT Editor/Debugger

On 7/12/2016 3:49 PM, Pc Thoms wrote:
I'm using the following to Xinclude several plays into one larger
document, with OxygenXML 18.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
href="" href="http://docbook.org/xml/publishers/5.1CR3/publishers.rng" rel="noreferrer" target="_blank">http://docbook.org/xml/publishers/5.1CR3/publishers.rng"
schematypens="http://relaxng.org/ns/structure/1.0" ?>

<part xmlns="http://docbook.org/ns/docbook"
xmlns:xlink="http://www.w3.org/1999/xlink" version="5.0" remap="Play">

However, the stagedir and inlinestagedir elements do not validate.
I am using <para remap="stagedir"> as a work around.

Changing the <book/> to
<part xmlns="http://docbook.org/ns/docbook"
xmlns:xlink="http://www.w3.org/1999/xlink" version="5.0" remap="PLAY">
was easy - all other elements remained the same, and prefaces, etc.,
stay as they are.

With thanks Paul

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