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Subject: RE: [docbook-apps] Removing newlines between <para>s

Hi Ekaterina,

from your response to Bob, I finally understood your problem...
this sounds like a bug. However, I can't reproduce this here; not
with HTML and not with FO output. Spacing is exactly the same in
between same-line paras and para with a line break in between.

However, the space between the paras is indeed a bit large but that
should be easy to fix with FO attributes/CSS.

Screenshot from my PDF: https://i.imgur.com/Y1hHwYC.png
(Input paras on the left as a screen, output on the right.)

I used the following tools: Upstream XSLT 1.0 DocBook 5.0 Stylesheets 1.78.1, xsltproc/libxml 2.9.4, and FOP 2.1. I also verified that our
profiling scripting does not interfere by reformatting XML.

So, not sure what happens in your toolchain, but I guess something is


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