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Subject: RE: [docbook-apps] Removing newlines between <para>s

Hello Stefan!

For me, this empty line appears even before any conversion, I can see it in XMLMind: see the same file in
Notepad++ - https://i.imgur.com/MmacVZc.png
XMLMind DocBook Editor v. 7.0 - https://i.imgur.com/zTjEdSw.png
Also visible in XMLMind 5.3.0.

And btw, if you create an informaltable with XMLMind, the paras inside will be saved on the same line, as in the first row. For these screenshots, I had to manually insert a line break in the second row to reproduce the problem.

For conversion, I use stylesheets 1.78.1, FOP 1.1, not sure which version of xsltproc.exe with xslt 1.0.

As suggested by Bob, I will send him my stylesheets to check them. But if this is already visible before any conversion, I'm not sure it can help...

Anyway, the problem in our system is being solved with scripting, so this investigation is just to know if this additional empty line is the expected behavior.

Ekaterina Shikareva.

-----Original Message-----
From: Stefan Knorr [mailto:sknorr@suse.de]
Sent: Dienstag, 23. August 2016 17:54
To: Shikareva, Ekaterina
Cc: Bob Stayton; docbook-apps@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: RE: [docbook-apps] Removing newlines between <para>s

Hi Ekaterina,

from your response to Bob, I finally understood your problem...
this sounds like a bug. However, I can't reproduce this here; not with HTML and not with FO output. Spacing is exactly the same in between same-line paras and para with a line break in between.

However, the space between the paras is indeed a bit large but that should be easy to fix with FO attributes/CSS.

Screenshot from my PDF: https://i.imgur.com/Y1hHwYC.png (Input paras on the left as a screen, output on the right.)

I used the following tools: Upstream XSLT 1.0 DocBook 5.0 Stylesheets 1.78.1, xsltproc/libxml 2.9.4, and FOP 2.1. I also verified that our profiling scripting does not interfere by reformatting XML.

So, not sure what happens in your toolchain, but I guess something is different.


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