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Subject: Font Size

I’m still relatively new here and still trying to fumble my way through this conversion from Word to DocBook.  It is definitely hard to teach an old dog new tricks.
I am using XMLmind DocBook Editor Professional Edition 7.0.0 to generate users guides that have been in word for many years.  At this point, I’m basicially copying word and  pasting as word into the editor.  That is about all I know how to do.  Sure there is lots more to learn, but not understanding the programming language, I feel I’m at a real disadvantage here.
I would like to be able to change the font size to have the following information fit as written below.  Certainly would appreciate some help in this, I’ve gone through as much documentation as possible to find how to change font size, with no luck that I’ve seen.
NCP                   NPSS_2.4    model:         fanjet     run by:     John Doe    solutionMode= STEADY_STATE    converge=    1    case:    1
time:  0.000    timeStep:0.0500     therm_package:GasTbl      Mode:    DESIGN         iter/pas/Jac/Broy=  7/  9/ 1/ 5     run: 08/08/11 14:26:11
                        Summary Output Data                                                                                                    
    MN       alt    dTs        W        Fg        Fn     SFC       Wfuel      WAR      OPR                                                     
0.800   35000.0     0.00    100.0    4270.0    1850.0   0.6811    1260.00   0.0000   29.850                                                   
          INLETS                                                                  COMPRESSORS & TURBINES                                          
              eRam      Afs     Fram                                                  Wc|Wp      PR       TR  effPoly      eff    Nc|Np       pwr 
InEng       0.9950   780.44   2420.1                                    CmpFSec      216.11   1.500   1.1433   0.8668   0.8589   3778.2   -1797.9 
Thank you,
Emily Forsyth
Fluids & Machinery Engineering Department
Propulsion & Energy Machinery
Southwest Research Institute
Tel:  210.522.2045
Email:  emily.forsyth@swri.org

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