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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Titlepage customizations for DocBook with XSLT2


I can't speak to the XSL-FO templates exactly, but for the HTML templates it was sufficient for me to just put the relevant templates as shown in titlepage-templates.xsl into my customization layer. E.g. the following

    <xsl:template match="db:book" mode="m:get-titlepage-templates" as="element(tmpl:templates)">
                <db:cover role="front-cover"/>
                <header tmpl:class="titlepage">
                    <db:title-group />
                    <xsl:if test="/db:book/db:info/db:volumenum">
                        <div class="volume-info">Book <db:volumenum /> of <db:seriesvolnums /></div>
                    <db:corpauthor />
                    <db:authorgroup />
                    <db:author />
                    <db:editor />
                    <db:othercredit />
                    <div class="bottom-matter">
                        <db:releaseinfo />
                        <db:copyright />
                        <db:legalnotice />
                        <db:pubdate />
                        <db:printhistory />
                        <db:revision />
                        <db:revhistory />
                    <db:abstract />
                <hr tmpl:keep="true" />
    <xsl:template match="db:warning" mode="m:get-titlepage-templates" as="element(tmpl:templates)">
    <xsl:template match="db:tip" mode="m:get-titlepage-templates" as="element(tmpl:templates)">

It seems like you said you tried that already, but maybe give it another check?


On Tue, Oct 25, 2016 at 6:19 AM, Erik Rask <erik.rask@proceranetworks.com> wrote:
I thought I'd start looking at migrating to XSLT 2 support, to get access to a few xpath features that would help in source code integrated documentation projects.

My XSLT 1.0 toolchain consists of xsltproc and commandline FOP, for XSLT2 I'm currently trying Saxon from http://cdn.docbook.org/release/2.0.20/docbook-xslt2-2.0.20-jar.zip

I'm having trouble finding my way around titlepage customizations (print, in this case). In the old toolchain I had titlepage XML spec files that I processed with the titlepage XSL in docbook into titlepage XSL that I imported into my customization layer.

In the 2.0 stylesheets I haven't found how to do this. I can edit xslt/base/fo/titlepage-templates.xsl and see end results, but overlaying the templates from it in my customization layer doesn't seem to have any effect. Does anyone have any guidance?

Erik Rask
Technical communication coordinator

Procera Networks
Birger Svenssons väg 28D
43240 Varberg, Sweden
t: +46 340 483800

m: +46 725 562 965
e: erik.rask@proceranetworks.com
skype: procerik

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