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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] DocBook XSL 1.79.2 released

The dbxslversion PI on this version still says "snapshot" not "1.79.2".
Is that part of the release process that got missed in the conversion to github?
Dean Nelson
In a message dated 12/15/2016 6:09:29 A.M. Pacific Standard Time, stefan@seefeld.name writes:
I'm proud to announce the availability of the 1.79.2 release of the
DocBook XSL stylesheets.

While this is a minor release only (with no new feature additions), it
is a major milestone anyhow, which we have been working towards for a
year: We have migrated the source repository from subversion
(sourceforge.net) to git (github.com), with all the associated
infrastructure (from issue tracking to continued integration).

While there are no new features in this release, there are a few
user-visible changes to note:

* Packages will no longer be available from sourceforge.net, but rather
from http://cdn.docbook.org/. (Specifically, the new release files can
be found in https://github.com/docbook/xslt10-stylesheets/releases)

* Online stylesheets are also served from http://cdn.docbook.org/, e.g.

* As before, we provide two sets of stylesheets, with and without
namespace support (for DocBook versions >=5, as well as for DocBook
versions 4). However, instead of using the special suffix "ns" to
identify the namespace-enabled stylesheets, we now use "nons" to refer
to the stylesheets without namespace support. This implies that the
"docbook-xsl-<version>" packages (as well as the online stylesheets at
http://cdn.docbook.org/release/xsl/) refer to the namespace-enabled
stylesheets !

Any other changes are accidental and likely due to bugs, and should be
reported (https://github.com/docbook/xslt10-stylesheets/issues).

With this important milestone reached, we can now concentrate our effort
on bug fixes and feature additions that flow into the next major release
(1.80) sometime in the (hopefully not so distant) future.




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