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Subject: Docbook 5.1 Syntax Highlighting Tools

I've been trying to use the "fo/highlight.xsl" which comes with the Docbook 5.1 code for a "<book>" project (Linux host) and requires listing source code in multiple programming languages. Current source code listing without syntax highlighting just looks like ordinary text and is hard to read...syntax highlighting would be very useful.
I see instructions involving adding a jar file to a Java tool...specifically Saxon and Xalan are mentioned. My current build for PDF format uses xsltproc to put several XML files together into a large monolithic file, then this is processed with fop (validated with jing, this step not listed):
xmllint --output "${OBJ}/${TITLE}_monolithic.xml" --nonet --noent -xinclude "${CONTENT}/${TITLE}.xml"
xsltproc --output ${OBJ}/${TITLE}_monolithic.fo ${XSLT}/docbook.xsl ${OBJ}/${TITLE}_monolithic.xml
fop -c ${PREFIX}/fop.xconf -fo ${OBJ}/${TITLE}_monolithic.fo -pdf ${OUT}/${TITLE}.pdf
The trouble here is that I don't know the proper order of which tool to use in which order. It seems like I need to do one of the following:
What tools must I use (or abandon) in which order to modify my existing chain of commands to allow program code syntax highlighting?

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