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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] <programlisting linenumbering="numbered"> does not number...

I thought I would summarize my progress on syntax highlighting and then ask about the sourceforge.net version of Saxon.
My DocBook is "docbook-xsl-ns-1.79.1". My install of xslthl is "xslthl-2.1.3".
When using the jar files which came with DocBook 5.1, and from xslthl 2.1.3, I can build without error and line numbering works, but syntax highlighting never occurs. My CLASSPATH for this case has these files in it based on various documents I found on the topic:
The command to build is this after CLASSPATH export:
java \
  -Dxslthl.config=${XSLTHL}/highlighters/xslthl-config.xml \
  com.icl.saxon.StyleSheet \
  -o ${OBJ}/${TITLE}_monolithic.fo \
  ${OBJ}/${TITLE}_monolithic.xml \
  ${XSLT}/fo/docbook.xsl \
This is apparently version 6.5 of Saxon when using the jar files which come with DocBook 5.1.
I've downloaded Saxon (saxonHE9-7-0-15J) from sourceforge.net, which provides these jar files (I assume saxon9he.jar is equivalent to the saxon.jar provided in DocBook 5.1, though DocBook 5.1 also provides a saxon9he.jar; I have no idea if saxon9-xqj.jar is involved):
I am unsure how I should rearrange my CLASSPATH to use XSLT 2 via saxon9he instead of XSLT 1 via the jar files included from DocBook 5.1. I've done some experimenting, but the DocBook version of saxon.jar seems to be required if com.icl.saxon.Stylesheet is to be found (I can't just substitute saxon9he.jar). Substitutions or removal of "extensions/saxon65.jar" fails with:
No adjustColumnWidths function available.
Is there a sample CLASSPATH or edit to the java command line to see how the XSLT 2 requirements can be filled? Related settings to enable highlighting are on, and language is correctly set (fop.xconf and fo/param.xsl are correctly configured).
FYI, being able to syntax highlight and annotate would be a major benefit (and in some cases it is mandatory I be able to do this), so I have to keep digging in.

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