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Subject: Webhelp search - does anyone collect usage statistics


We are using the webhelp output, and recently we modified it a bit to collect statistics about how often our readers use the search, what keywords they look for in our documents, and so on. 

Since we already use Google Analytics to get visitor statistics, the quickest and easiest was to post the search keyword to Google Analytics as well.

I was wondering if anyone else did something similar and would share any experiences?

Kind Regards, 


We didn't do anything fancy, and currently don't even check on which page of the document did the user use the search box. The actual change is only: 

@@ -49,6 +49,12 @@ function Verifie(searchForm) {
    searchTextField = trim(document.searchForm.textToSearch.value);
    searchTextField = searchTextField.replace(/['"]/g,'');
   var expressionInput = searchTextField;

+  if (typeof ga != "undefined") {
+  ga('send', 'pageview', 'documentsearch?query=' + expressionInput);
+  }

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