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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] why doesn't DB have an element for context breaks?

Dne 18.2.2017 v 23:23 Robert Nagle napsal(a):
> I am posting this here because -- well, I don't subscribe to other
> db mailing lists.
> I publish a lot of literary titles as epubs using docbook. One thing
> I encounter frequently (10+ times a publication usually) are
> narrative breaks in the middle of a chapter. Sometimes it's extra
> space to denote the passage of time or maybe a change in point of
> view. Sometimes it means adding decorative things (asterisks etc) in
> this space. I personally don't use these things a lot when writing
> content, but a lot of prose authors do.

Docbook templates could use a lot of improvements, not just more
features but also refactoring for easier customization. Here's how I've
solved the same problem. I've added a small template which will generate
a separator at the beginning of every section with no title:

<xsl:template match="d:section|d:sect1|d:sect2|d:sect3|d:sect4|d:sect5">
  <xsl:if test="not(d:title|d:info/d:title)">
    <div class="nameless-section-sep">

Don't forget to set appropriate margins and text centering in your CSS
style sheet and then simply wrap the text following the desired
narrative break in the <section> tag.

Martin Doucha

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