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Subject: Pure JS WebHelp

Dear All,

as promised, I've published a demo output

Core changes against the current WebHelp:
- responsive design (Mobile First)
- breadcrumb 
- improved ToC processing (ToC is linked, not embedded in every HTML file)
- enhanced search related code (cleaning up the code for better maintenance)
- enhanced translation support (all messages are stored in standard l10n XML
- storing client state even on file system or localhost (utilizing HTML5
Local Storage)
- removing jQuery and jQueryUI dependency

Further features:
- ability to enlarge downsized images (aka lightbox, especially useful for
SVG images)
- ability to copy links to specific anchors
- SASS styling (interpreted into CSS)

- only modern browsers are supported (Chrome, FF, Edge, IE10+)
- no custom params to override current bahavior
- no out-of-the-box scripts for copying dependencies to the target

Should I put related XSL files and resources to my GitHub account or
directly to some DocBook sandbox?



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