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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Duplicate IDs being output for HTML tables

Hi Andy,
Could you please try testing it with the current version 1.79.1? It is possible this bug has been fixed already. If it is not fixed in 1.79.1, then filing an issue report on the DocBook XSL github site is the best way to get it tracked and fixed.

Bob Stayton
Sagehill Enterprises

On 5/22/2017 10:15 AM, Andy Hatton wrote:

I have noticed that if you set an ID on a table element and the table is an HTML model table, then the XSL output creates duplicate IDs, one for the anchor before the table and one for the table itself. This makes the XHTML output invalid. I am using DocBook XSL 1.76.1 and DocBook 4.5.

So for table:

<table id="table-test">
<caption>OAG Messages</caption>

The output contains:

<div class="table">
<a id="table-test"/>
<p class="title"><strong>Table 5 OAG Messages</strong></p>
<div class="table-contents">
<table id="table-test">

Same thing happens with informaltable.

Looks like there is a bug somewhere, possibly in the copying of the ID attribute in mode="htmlTableAtt" for all HTML table elements?


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