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Subject: Book info/title ignored when processing an assembly/structure


I'm using the new assembly/resource/structure method to construct
books from topic elements. Thank you to everyone who worked on that
feature, it's extremely useful!

I am having trouble getting the titles of books to appear in my
rendered book files.

Based on my reading, I understand that I can include book metadata
such as a title in the structure element. For example:

 <structure renderas="book" xml:id="myId">
      <title>My Book Title</title>
        <holder>My Company, Inc.</holder>
    <module renderas="chapter" resourceref="myTopicId"/>

When I process the assembly, the rendered XML file has the correct
book root element and it includes chapter elements rendered from my
topics. It does not have the book title though.

I see that the assemble.xsl stylesheet explicitly ignores the info and
title for a structure:


Does anyone know how I can supply the title for a structure?

Thanks for your help!


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