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Subject: Regarding URLs for NS and non-NS DocBook Stylesheets


I've noticed a change how the DocBook stylesheets are accessed through URLs.

Before this change, we had these two URLs:


The first URL access the non-namespaced stylesheets whereas the second one is 
for the namespace aware. So far, so good. :)

For the latest release 1.79.2, there is now this URL in place:


Probably this change was needed because of the move from Sourceforge to 
GitHub. To have more general URLs, not bound to SF.

If you look into the catalog.xml file in the root directory of the tarball, 
there is only the previous URL. No Sourceforge URLs anymore. So I assume, this 
replaces the old one, right?

However, there is no equivalent namespace-aware URL. The following URL gives 
me a 404:


I have some questions:

1. Is this a bug? ;-)

2. How am I suppose to access the NS variant of the stylesheets?
   Is there an "official blessed" URL?

3. Shouldn't be the old URLs still be added to the catalog.xml file?
   I assume, these former URLs are quite well-known and used in many
   customization layers.


  Thomas Schraitle

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