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Subject: xincludes and graphics



I’ve encountered a known issue with including documents and images from subdirectories into one main document for PDF output, and I can’t wrap my head around the solution. Can you please share some advice?



-       Saxon 6.5.5

-       Xerces 2.11.0

-       docbook-xsl-ns 1.79.1



Folder structure:




+-- main_file.xml


 +-- doc1

|  | 

 |  +-- figures/

|  +-- file1.xml


+-- doc2

|  | 

 |  +-- figures/

|  +-- file2.xml


+-- doc3

|  | 

 |  +-- figures/

|  +-- file3.xml


main_file.xml includes file1.xml, file2.xml, file3.xml. All are DocBook 5.

Files in subdirectories are using images from the respective figures/ folders with filerefs like fileref="figures/image001.png".

The includes in main_file.xml are like <xi:include href="" xpointer="some_id"/>. xml_ids are DTD-determined IDs.


I have read http://www.sagehill.net/docbookxsl/ModularDoc.html#XIncludeGraphics (not only this section, of course J), but I can’t quite understand what values I shall use for img.src.path and keep.relative.image.uris (this shall probably be just 0).

When converting file1.xml, file2.xml, file3.xml, I set img.src.path to the input file’s parent directory and everything works well. But not when I try to convert main_file.xml.


Processing is done like described here: http://www.sagehill.net/docbookxsl/Xinclude.html in “Using Xerces to resolve XIncludes”. The error is that image paths are always wrong whatever settings I’m trying to use. Basically, doc1, doc2, doc3 are always missing in the final path.


Could you please give some hints, what I’m missing here? Do I need to define xml:base manually somewhere?


Thank you!



Best regards,


Ekaterina Shikareva

Senior Technical Writer


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